A captivating news round-up this week, with large amounts of bitcoin being moved over to Ethereum , Wirecard's collapse bringing various names in the game down with them. Santander offering One Pay FX to 19 additional regions, Cardano becoming the 6th largest cryptocurrency on the market, and crypto’s meme coin was pumped over 150% in less than a day. Let's dive into a closer look over the last week in crypto:  

The Demand for DeFi Sevices Increases

The demand increases to use bitcoin for decentralized financial services. With Ethereum being the most popular network to support this, Dune Analytics speculates this is what’s the caused 75% increase of BTC to Ethereum in the last month. Read More.   

The Effects of Wirecard's Fallout

The fall out of Wirecard has effected a large number of payment services including crypto.com's new crypto payment cards being temporary suspended. Read More.

Santander Expands Blockchain Arm

Banking giant Santander is aware of the benefits that blockchain technology brings to its customers. In 2018 they partnered with ripple creating the One Pay FX app as a borderless blockchain-based payment channel. Due to a successful three years and through the analysis of customer feedback, they have now expanded the channel to be available in a further 19 available regions! Read More.

Cardano's Best Month

Cardano earnt its name as the '6th largest Cryptocurrency' in the world, after a staggering 60% increase in Cardano’s smart contracts this past month pushed has caused surge it's value. The founder and mathematician Charles Hoskinson are confident in Cardano becoming leaders in smart contracts. Read More. 

Dogecoin Makes a Comeback

The meme coin of crypto, dogecoin is practically worthless. However, dogecoin makes a comeback with its open-source peer-to-peer digital currency surging 680% TikTok users flock to pump the coin, with "get rich quick" scheme. Read More.

The Weeks' Conclusion

Classically, a crazy week for crypto. What did you think of this week's developments? Which story sparked your interests the most?  See you next time for our weekly low down on crypto and blockchain growth. We look forward to discussing the week ahead.  

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