Our weekly news roundup is here! Where we discuss the latest happenings in the crypto and blockchain space. As predicted, bitcoin's clear break past 10K has caused the bull run soaring to the 12K mark. Ether is at an all-time high value, as it creeps its way up to $400. User adoption is looking bright this week as the crypto market cap builds to $300 billion and big names in finance lay the foundations to support cryptocurrencies. Let’s jump into a closer look into this week in crypto.

Bitcoin Wins its battle above 10K

After months, bitcoin has finally breached the 10K mark. However, the volatility of the coin seemed to settle over this time. Since reaching 10K we’ve seen a clear bull run above 12K, but volatility has increased as bitcoin pounded by 12% to $10,500 in less than an hour. However, we’ve not seen bitcoin go below 10K since the break and has strengthened its position above 11k today. Read more.

Vitalik Pops the Dom Pérignon 

The correlation between the grandfather of crypto (bitcoin) and Ethereum’s trading volume is evident to say the least. But the surge in DeFi use cases has also contributed to ETH’s all-time high value. Ether flirts with the $400 mark and trading volume has officially increased by 45% since January 2017. Read more.  

The Crypto Market Cap Soars  

With high activity in crypto assets markets over the weekend, we’ve seen a $17 billion surge! Brining the crypto market cap to $300 billion today. In fact, bitcoin’s market cap alone at $205 billion has overtaken conglomerates such as Intel and Coca-Cola. Read more.

A Bright Future for Crypto 

The relationship between traditional finance and crypto strengthens. Well-known and widely used payment processors Mastercard and Visa begin building the foundations to support cryptocurrencies. Read more.

Crypto Education with CPD status

Good news for crypto education as Learning Crypto Ltd has recently achieved accredited CPD Status. With two accredited courses, due to be released November 2020. Read more.

What did you think of this week's developments? Which story sparked your interests the most? See you next time for our weekly low down on crypto and blockchain growth. We look forward to discussing the week ahead.

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