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Regulation has been in headlines this week as Russian president Putin outlines new crypto laws and Ireland looks at tightening regulation to battle money laundering and crypto business uncertainties. XRP pushes past Tether and makes its mark as the third most valuable crypto asset. BTC and ETH are in high demand as interest and volumes are at an all-time high. Let’s jump into a closer look into this week in crypto.

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Putin Revamps Regulation Rules

Russian government Vladimir Putin wastes no time in outlining new crypto laws as the surge in deserialized finance continues to soar. Some feel it's a positive step forward for blockchain industries in Russia, to eliminate what's best described as a 'grey area'. Whereas others feel it's a too little too late and frustrations are present, "We are behind in the crypto race in this sense. The train has already left.” Read more.

Ireland Pushes for Regulatory Clarity

As the crypto market continues to gain maturity, Irish crypto businesses have been affected by un-clear regulatory guidelines, such as loss of banking facilities. The overall feeling of missed oppertunity rears its head.

However, an unexpected ally the Central Bank has made comments to support a regulated crypto market. Although a regulatory framework for the EU is years away, the Central Banks formal push may speed up the process. Read more.

XRP Makes Sudden Gains

Although there's no clear reason for this surge Ripple (XRP) sees price rise 30% from $0.19 to $0.244 in less than a fortnight. With trading volume around the 1.6 billion-mark, XRP claims its place as third most valuable cryptocurrency. Read more.

The Demand for BTC & ETH Skyrocket

With recent events such as the Bitcoin having and Ethereum 2.0 staking, the demand for Bitcoin and Ethereum options skyrocket. As the crypto market evolves rapidly there’s been evidence of a 166% increase in trading volume since Q2 2019, ETH and BTC remains bullish this week. Read more.

What did you think of this week's developments? Which story sparked your interests the most? See you next time for our weekly low down on crypto and blockchain growth. We look forward to discussing the week ahead.

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